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Our latest email! March 10, 2011

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Save money on your cell and land-line phone bills February 9, 2009

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Many people are doing this these days. My wife and I were paying about $60 a month for 2 cell phones. We didn’t roam too far from our corner of the world and we really didn’t use them that often. But we had the lowest rate. So we went to pre-paid or pay as you go.

After a $50 one-time fee to activate each phone, we now pay just $6 per phone per month, plus usage. At $0.15 per minute we end up spending about $30-$40 a month on our bill.

Next up we’re going to dig our land-line. We’re thinking of moving that $60/month bill to yet another cell phone — that will be our “home” phone. If it works out then we’ll send up saving about $60/month on both bills. Might get that on Verizon so I can talk for free with my bro in NOLA.

Free beer this week — save money on your night out February 8, 2009

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Hello fellow tight wad beer drinkers!

Who says there’s no free lunch or free beer. Join me at this week’s Rogue free beer tasting in Swanzey, NH. Just 1000 feet or so, past the airport entrance, on your right is 24 Carrots Farm Stand. The owner Mike does a great job stocking great beer (Dogfish Head, Rogue, Pennachunk) and hosting these monthly tastings.

Hope to see you this Thursday, Feb. 12 from 4pm to 6pm (I think that’s the time, call to confirm: 355-2424). Post a comment saying whether you’ll there. See ya, Dave

Roge Double-Dead Guy Ale!

Rogue Double-Dead Guy Ale--it's to die for!!

Money saving things I did this past week (Feb. 2) February 8, 2009

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Here’s a bunch of things I did to save money this week. Since I finished my taxes, thought it would be a good time to get our savings back up. Really need to get our rainy-day fund up to a solid level (3 or 6 months income).

  1. Put my gym membership on hold. Will ski/snowshoe more behind my house. (save $60/month)
  2. Moved $1,000 in credit debt from Citibank 18% card to Discover card (new) at 0% which lasts till Dec. 2009; paid 3% to that transfer; will pay off rest of 18% card — about $350. (Assume we keep dept rest of year– save $12/month)
  3. Temporarily stopped most long-term investments into college fund and retirement funds (moved 401K to min. % to get matching so we still have that going at 8%). [Yes, I know this is the best time to invest in the market (as Kevin reminds me). Will turn it back on when we reach our savings fund goal hopefully by June.gym] (gain $600/month)
  4. Moved W-4 back to a normal withholding level. Had it higher to account for job shift change last year: (gain $600/month)
  5. Went with lower speed on household Internet service (save $20/month)

Total saved: $1300/month

Last summer — our last big vacation February 7, 2009

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We had our last big vacation in July 2008. It was a lot of fun watching the kids experience kiddieland (AKA StoryLand NH) and going on the rides. Of course we tried to save to money with a mid-budget hotel with a pool. It wasn’t worth what we paid, but we were only there 2 days and and we saved enough to go to a great brewpub down the road!

Benjie and Mom summer 2008 in StoryLand NH

Jeremy and Julie, summer 2008 in StoryLand NH

Valentine Day poll February 7, 2009

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Saving money efforts today… February 7, 2009

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Simple efforts go a long way. Like making decisions on what and where to spend. The key is to have restraint.

For example, today is Saturday and I was looking for something to do with my kids, 5 and 7. We had skating lessons today. Then I took them to swim — we have a 3 month membership at a pool club. Had thought of spending $60 on snow tubing, but thought better of that.

Instead, went to the Keene, NH ice festival, walked around a bit, saw some snowboarders and then off to eat some ice cream (soft serve).

Daily spend: $3 hand-car wash, $1 on candy treat for kids, $0.50 on the paper and $5 for ice cream.